Ford Battery Service in Columbia, SC

Ford Battery Service

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Ford Battery Service in Columbia, SC

Why Schedule Ford Battery Service with Classic Ford of Columbia?

The main focuses with battery service are safety and functionality. Your car won’t start if the battery is dead or damaged. An undetected battery leak can be disastrous, causing permanent harm to your car’s engine bay and other components. Having your Ford battery inspected and serviced regularly can help you catch potential leaks and prevent further damage to your car.

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Ford Battery Service FAQs

When should I schedule Ford battery service?

According to service experts, it’s typically advised that you replace your car battery every four to five years, but unexpected damage could necessitate an earlier replacement.

How can I tell if my car battery is leaking?

• You notice a noxious smell coming from the battery. • There is corrosion around the battery terminal cabs. • The battery’s casing looks bloated, swollen, or warped. • The battery is wet or sweaty.

How often does a car battery need replacing?

Changing your car battery every 4-5 years is recommended by several car experts, but there are multiple factors that can influence how long your battery will last.

Does a battery do anything else other than start my vehicle?

Indeed it does. The car’s battery not only serves as a surge protector for the computer but also facilitates short-term usage of important equipment like wipers, lights, stereo, and GPS when the engine is off.

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